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BeleniX is a UNIX distribution built from the OpenSolaris source base. It includes all the features of OpenSolaris, but also adds a whole variety of open source packages. It is a live CD that can also be installed to a hard disk. BeleniX is free to use, modify and distribute. BeleniX is focused on using KDE for its desktop environment, although Xfce has also been supported since the beginning of the distribution. An upcoming release will also include first-class support for GNOME. The BeleniX dev team focuses on technology and on innovation, and aims at working with all communities, including other OpenSolaris based distros such as MilaX, Nexenta OS, and SchilliX. The name and logo are references to the Celtic god of light, Belenus.

NB:- Latest stable version of the software will be delivered.

BeleniX 0.7.1

Disks : 1 CD, (696MB)
Platform : KDE
Architecture : x86
Price : 44.00/-

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