Disks : 1 CD, (124MB)

Platform : Openbox

Architecture : x86

Barry Kauler has announced the release of Puppy Linux 5.5 "Wary" and "Racy" editions, special Puppy builds targeting (not only) older computer systems: "Wary, our edition of Puppy for older computers, has now reach version 5.5 (along with Racy, that we think of as 'Wary on steroids', intended for not-so-old hardware). Most of the system libraries and some major applications have not been upgraded since 5.3, but a lot of smaller applications and utilities have, notably those created 'in house' by our very enthusiastic developers. What really has progressed significantly since 5.3 is the Woof infrastructure, bringing a plethora of bug fixes and enhancements. These improvements have made it imperative to release a new Wary (and Racy). Note that Wary 5.5 has the same old kernel (configured for uniprocessor i486 CPU).".

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Puppy Linux 5.5 Racy

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