Disks : 1 CD, (15MB)

Platform : flwm

Architecture : x86

The developers of Tiny Core have announced the release of Tiny Core Linux, version 6.2, the new stable build from the project that attempts to build the world's smallest Linux distribution with a graphical desktop: "Team Tiny Core is proud to announce the release of Core 6.2. Changelog for 6.2: tce-audit - similar speedup patch from aswjh; tc-config - nfs4 mount changes from gerald_clark; tce-load - 2% speedup from aswjh; tce-size - apply patch from Greg Erskine for no-deps files; tce-remove, rc.shutdown - update copy2fs name; tce-ab - convert to a symlink; tce-load - awk recursion changes changed to a subshell, so exit status needs to be passed; tce-setup - wait for slow CD drives. In addition, TinyCorePure64 6.2.iso is now legacy-BIOS/(U)EFI multi-boot.".

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TinyCore 6.2

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