Disks : 1 DVD, (3.3GB)

Platform : Xfce

Architecture : x64

The AV Linux distribution is a Debian-based project which features many applications to assist the user in working with audio and video formats. The project has released a new version, AV Linux 2016.8.30, with a long list of changes: "Fixed UID/GID issue and restored live and installed UID/GID to '1000'. Updated to 4.4.6-RT kernel with fixed 32-bit app support and VBox module building support. Enabled running shell scripts by clicking in Thunar to ease installing Ardour and Mixbus bundles. Fixed WinFF presets for aac encoding. Added some module configurationss for AMD video cards and modesetting. Complete new Zukitre-based theme necessitated by GTK+ 3.20, changing its API and breaking older GTK+ 3 themes. Complete new Hooli theme for AVL 32-bit. Complete removal of Kdenlive and KDE 5 runtime components, Kdenlive is simply not in a good place right now to feature on a live ISO image. Removed Openshot for the same reason as Kdenlive, it has great potential but just isn't there yet.. Complete removal of LibreOffice."

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AV Linux 2016.8.30 64bit

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