Disks : 1 CD, (471MB)

Platform : Openbox

Architecture : x64

David Cortarello has announced the release of Kwort Linux 4.3, the latest stable built from the project developing a lightweight, CRUX-based distribution with Openbox and a custom package manager called kpkg: "A new version of Kwort available, this one is 4.3. Get it while it's hot! As always, we remain fast, stable and simple and now we have grown up a little to include a lot of Linux firmware available for tons of devices. As usual, everything has been built cleanly and from scratch. The most significant technical aspects are: Linux kernel 4.1.13; new kpkg version providing exclusion support during upgrades (to avoid upgrading configuration files); Chromium 47.0.2526.69 (beta); the init scripts are more unified now with start-stop-daemon. As usual, we want to thank the people helping the project: the infrastructure providers, the people from PGHosting for the package mirror and development environment in the UNR; the CRUX folks for developing it as it's Kwort's base....".

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Kwort Linux 4.3

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